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Born in Nice, designer Christelle Moret leads a bohemian life. over the course of her travels between Bali and St Barths… This sun lover perfectly masters the combinations of colors and prints that she transcribes in her collections imagined in her studio in Cannes.

Self-taught and passionate, she launched her brand in 2012. Combining lightness with this boho-chic spirit that represents so much this designer full of life and imagination. Its collections are created and dyed by hand in France.

Christelle is a creative and begins by creating ponchos. She started dipping them in different dyes. A process that gives each piece a unique color and an artisanal side, it is a meticulous and innovative tie and die. As she begins to post her first models on social networks, the principle appeals and she is quickly contacted by an agent who offers to create a brand. This is how Les NéoBourgeoises was born, at the end of 2013.

Christelle has traveled a lot to get inspired. Then she launched production with two ponchos and 12 colours: those of the rainbow. Success followed spontaneously. The collection was then enriched with silks with varied and ethereal patterns. Today, Les Néobourgeoises brand is present in around forty fashion boutiques. From New York to Ibiza, from Saudi Arabia to Reunion, Christelle's dresses and ponchos seduce both city dwellers and holidaymakers. It must be said that the light cotton used and the silk lend themselves to all seasons.

Although the brand is sold all over the world, the manufacturing process has not changed. Christelle designs the white dresses which are then produced by two manufacturers: one in Nice and one in Bali. Then the designer takes care of the coloring herself, at home. She soaks the dresses in different hangings and then lets them dry: a technique that she alone masters, since it only takes a few seconds for the color to change. Les Néobourgeoises now has five collections of around ten models, but thanks to this particular manufacturing process, each dress is unique. The designer already has a workshop boutique in Le Cannet and wishes to develop her sunny universe.

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Christelle Moret, founder and designer of Les Néobourgeoises

Christelle Moret , founder and designer of Les Néobourgeoises